General Mechanical Analysis

Taking a product or design and the load cases it will be subject to and determining the stresses and loading resulting in the structure. This includes the physical members as well as any fasteners or joints. Results are then compared to either material or requirement allowable to determine the relevant factors or margins of safety and therein determine the adequacy of the design.

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis

Creating finite element models, primarily using Altair HyperWorks products that can then be used in further analysis (either mechanical or other) for predictive modeling prior to manufacture. Also conducting


Using both analytic as well as finite element modeling to evaluate fluid thermal systems to determine if a design or design change will meet requirements.

General Mechanical Design

Working in conjunction with other team members to take specifications and applying mechanical design techniques to create a manufacturable design to meet mechanical requirements. (e.g. fixturing, automation drivetrains, product mechanical design)

Analysis Checking

Provide out of house checking services for in house design work, either hand calculations or finite element modeling.

Drawing Checking

Provide out of house checking services for in house drafting work from a design engineer perspective.